Technology 4 a New Society (T4NS)


Technology use has grown across different age generations from Millennial’s to Baby Boomers, and many studies have published the effects of technology use and behaviour for the improvement and enhancement of health and well-being across the life course.

The Technology 4 a New Society (T4NS) study is an online survey which aims to explore and understand various behaviours relating to social media, technologies, privacy issues and concerns by adults aged across different generations.

Prospective participants will be aged between 18 and 60 years (Baby Boomers (1964-1960), Generation X (1981-1965/39-54 years), Millennial’s (1981-1996/23-38 years), and Generation Z (1997-2012/7-22 years).

The T4NS online survey comprises of several questions & domains:

  • Computer and Videogame use and behaviour,
  • Internet use and access,
  • Social Media Sites and Communication Platforms,
  • Privacy Concerns and issues,
  • Social connectedness, loneliness,  and
  • Demographics (e.g. Age, Gender, Education, Occupation, Marital Status)

To date, academics are focusing their attention in understanding and seeking innovative approaches to help our existing ageing population(s). This notion coupled with the little knowledge and understanding the barriers, enablers, impact and behaviour of technology use and its associated components by adults across different generations, and by starting to explore and understand how younger generations of adults use technology is offer initial insight into preparing for future ageing populations.

The Technology 4 a New Society study is an extension of the Technology 4 Young Adults (T4YA), which primarily focused on Millennial’s use of technology. However, adults aged between 18 and 60 years old are welcome to complete the online survey.


  1. To explore, and understand the various technologies used and accessed by adults aged between 18-60 years
  2. To explore, and understand how adults aged between 18-60 years share information online and what privacy issues or concerns they may have
  3. To explore, and understand how adults aged between 18-60 years use and access social media sites and communication platforms in their day-to-day lives
  4. To explore the role of social connectedness in relation to technology

Information study sheet:

  • You can find out more information about the T4NS study and the online survey by downloading the Information Study sheet from here

Principal Investigator:

Ethical Approval:

  • HREC/3365/Marston

Project Updates:

Updates about this T4NS study can be found on this webpage and via Facebook 


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